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  • I have had the good fortune of a being a client of Sea Girt Animal Hospital for the past 14 years. In fact, since we moved back to Jersey City several years ago, we continue to travel back to the shore to have our pets seen by the SGAH staff.  From the receptionists to the doctors the care my pets receive is loving, complete and effective.  I recommend SGAH to anyone who craves the best in care for their pets.

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    • L.C.

  • I've been bringing my dogs to SGAH for over 10 years. When I walk in there, I feel like I am family. The front office staff remembers not only my name, but also my dogs'. The technicians are compassionate and understanding, especially of my special needs pups. Dr. Sabia always provides all of the treatment options available and I never feel rushed or overlooked. I can't say enough good things about this office and the entire staff.

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    • H.M.

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    • Freehold, NJ

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Thursday, 03 April 2014 02:05

3 Things You Must Know When Choosing Pet Food

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Choosing the perfect food for your pet is a question that baffles most pet owners. When considering what to feed, there is a plethora of opinions and choices that confront you. This is because, quite honestly, there is no pet food out there that is absolutely perfect for every pet.

So, the question really is; what to do?

  • First: You need to find a food that you can regularly purchase without going out of your way. If you need to make an expedition to purchase your food, you are not going to keep it up and you are going to be changing your dog's diet again.

  • Second: Your pet needs to actually LIKE the food. If you are struggling to get your dog to eat what you are providing, it is not the right food for him.

  • Third: Your pet needs to thrive on the food. Playful, bouncy, energetic - all the qualities that your dog must have. A glossy, shiny coat to pet. And good breath is an absolute requirement for actually enjoying those wet and sloppy kisses.

I have been through many diets for several cats and dogs over the years. There are always the ones that have special diet needs - food allergies, diabetics, kidney or liver disease. These things should be discussed with your veterinarian on an individual basis. For your average, healthy pet with no special needs, it will still take some trial and error to find the right food.

On a daily basis, I am asked "What would you feed your pet?" Understanding that I firmly believe that there is no one perfect food, I will tell you that I feed Hill's Science Diet Healthy Advantage. Personally, I have many concerns with the origin of the ingredients in my pet's diet. Most of the recalls that have affected pet foods in the past few years have originated with contaminated ingredients from foreign countries, China being the most common offender. It is a priority for me to have a quality diet. The Healthy Advantage ingredients are guaranteed to be of North American sourcing. You can call Hill's Science Diet yourself and ask. The first ingredient is chicken - and protein is one of the most essential ingredients to a healthy body. This diet has elevated the levels of essential fatty acids, which is important to coat and joint health. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are already added to the food for additional joint health. They have integrated natural sources of fiber, which is a key ingredient overlooked in many of the diets that populate store shelves and TV ads. You can also option to buy the "oral+ formula" which has an increased kibble size and a similar texture to their T/D line, which will help clean the teeth and therefore give your pet fresher breath. Oh, yes - my critters eat it very happily. While this diet is veterinarian exclusive, we are carrying it in the hospital at all times to increase accessibility for owners.

Lastly, always remember that if you are considering changing your pet's food, you need to take your time. Slowly integrate small amounts of the new food by mixing it with the old food. Over a period of 7 to 10 days, gradually add more of the new food in comparison to the old food until you have fully converted to the new diet.

By Marisa Sabia, DVM


  • Over the last 30 years, Sea Girt Animal Hospital has cared for my cat and four miniature dachshunds. They have always been responsive, professional and caring and I highly recommend them.

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    • Lawrence Rosenhaus

Sea Girt Animal Hospital Pharmacy

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