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Sea Girt Animal Hospital Pharmacy


  • SGAH is the best place to bring your pet if you are looking for the best veterinary care in Monmouth/Ocean County. As a former employee and client I have seen first hand the courtesy, caring and professionalism of the entire staff from receptionists to management. Dr. Sabia was a life saver when I lost all three of my elderly pets last year. If you are in need of a good vet don't hesitate to call SGAH. They are the best!

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  • Nellie, our Havanese, has been coming here for years.  The care has been outstanding and everyone who works at Sea girt Animal Hospital is always helpful and caring.

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    • Howard Flood

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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 00:30

What You Need To Know About Pet Health Insurance

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Pet health insurance is growing in popularity, but slowly in the U.S. It was first introduced about three decades ago but has not seen widespread usage here. Only about 2% of dog and cat owners in the U.S. have policies. Most of the policies are similar to auto or homeowners insurance. The company reimburses the pet owner for care following treatment for accident or illness. Look for plans that allow you to choose your own veterinarian. And read the fine print to determine the plan owner’s financial obligation, co-pays, deductibles and exclusions. Also be aware of the company’s reimbursement process. For example how the reimbursement is determined and how quickly is it provided?

The pet insurance industry is growing. More pet owners will purchase policies as advancing veterinary medical technology and specialization will lead to higher fees. This will help reduce the incidence of “ economic euthanasia “ which often occurs when a pet owner is unable to avail themselves of appropriate medical care for their pet due to expense. An unfortunate occurrence we see all too frequently.

Some companies offer coverage for hereditary conditions but most do not cover preexisting conditions. And because companies offer choices of maximum benefits, copays, deductibles and optional coverage’s it’s possible to get a good policy at an affordable premium.

A developing trend is pet health insurance becoming an employee benefit. Employers offer a discount on premiums by contracting with a company that offers pet health insurance. In addition to accident and illness plans some companies offer wellness riders. This affords reimbursement for routine care such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and such things as heartworm preventives and flea and tick products.

Another strategy for pet owners would be to establish their own pet health savings account by putting money in an account every month for vet care (for those disciplined savers). So maybe it’s a good time for many pet owner’s to consider pet health insurance.

By: Dr. David Ackerman


  • I have been a client at Sea Girt Animal Hospital since 1988. For many years, I was fortunate enough to have my beloved pets cared for by the very dedicated Dr. Marilyn Weber. She not only cared for our pets, but advised me on how raise them and when that dreaded time came at the end of their lives, she was there to cry with us.

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Sea Girt Animal Hospital Pharmacy

Sea Girt Animal Hospital

Sea Girt Animal Hospital is a premier animal hospital conveniently located at 2129 Route 35 in Sea Girt, New Jersey.

We have five wards, five exam rooms, 13 outdoor runs, two offices, large surgery and x-ray facilities, in addition to several treatment rooms and a fenced yard. We provide specialized care to dogs and cats, as well as rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and some reptiles for routine exams.