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  • I have been coming to Sea Girt Animal Hospital for the past seven years. First was with our Westie Angus, now it is with our new puppy, a Havanese named Theo. It has been a trying year for our family; we recently lost our beloved dog Angus after a lengthy illness. Everyone at Sea Girt Animal Hospital has been so wonderful throughout this whole process.

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    • Jacqueline Garcia

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    • Wall, NJ

  • SGAH is one of the best animal hospitals  in the state of New Jersey. Wag On Inn Rescue Group has many of its animals cared for by this well- known institution. The loving, kind staff, as well as excellent and up to date care given to the dogs and cats can not be topped. Wag On Inn Rescue Group recommends Sea Girt Animal Hospital highly and without reservations.

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    • Wag On Inn Rescue Group

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014 00:00

What You Need To Know About Your Pet's Dental Care

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I have been a veterinarian for forty one years and one common problem continues to be a daily challenge: helping pet owners recognize the benefits of good dental hygiene for their pets’ ongoing health and longevity. At Sea Girt Animal Hospital in Monmouth County NJ, we literally see dozens of cases every week of pets suffering directly or indirectly from the effects of dental disease.

Early in its course, mild dental disease, gingivitis and mild periodontitis may seem only an inconvenience of bad breath and yellowing of the teeth. But as the process progresses to more advanced periodontal disease, healthy bone supporting the teeth is lost, and teeth become mobile or loose. The gums become swollen and bleed easily. These processes are painful; a point pet owners often can’t appreciate as our pets usually aren’t obviously manifesting this pain by crying or becoming inappetent. Often the pain and other symptoms associated with advanced dental disease aren’t recognized until the problems are corrected.

Advanced dental disease can cause more serious problems for pets with heart and/or kidney disease:

  • The mouth can act as a gateway for bacteria to enter the blood stream and find their way to unhealthy heart valves where they lodge and cause infection.
  • Bacteria from the oral cavity may also affect aging kidneys particularly in cats, thus complicating the management of one of the most common syndromes in geriatric cats; that of Chronic Kidney Disease.
  • Dental disease complicates the management of other ailments such as diabetes in dogs and cats.
  • The pets’ breath can become so offensive that the family avoids the pet, leading to a breakdown in the companion animal-human bond, and isolates the beloved family pet.

Start healthy dental practices when your pet is young. Brushing is best, but not universally popular with pet owners. Special diets are another good way to protect your pets’ teeth as are drinking water additives, (which reduce plaque buildup) and chew treats. Healthy teeth pay huge benefits to the pet and their people in the form of extended happy, healthy lives.

We, at Sea Girt Animal Hospital, are committed to helping you sustain your pets’ health. We are a great resource for helping you maintain your pets’ dental health and are available to demonstrate and discuss some of the items mentioned here.

By David Ackerman, DVM


  • I've been bringing my dogs to SGAH for over 10 years. When I walk in there, I feel like I am family. The front office staff remembers not only my name, but also my dogs'. The technicians are compassionate and understanding, especially of my special needs pups. Dr. Sabia always provides all of the treatment options available and I never feel rushed or overlooked. I can't say enough good things about this office and the entire staff.

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    • H.M.

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    • Freehold, NJ

Sea Girt Animal Hospital Pharmacy

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