Ph: (732) 449-9224
2129 Route 35
Sea Girt, New Jersey 08750

M thru F 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sat 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays

Sea Girt Animal Hospital Pharmacy


  • Our family had the unfortunate task of putting our beloved dog to sleep. We had Brandy for 13 ½ years from when she was able to leave her mother. The entire staff of Sea Girt Animal Hospital made the situation as gentle, compassionate and sensitive as possible. We have had this experience in the past with another long loved family dog and it was a very cold, clinical experience. We travel between northern NJ and the shore area a lot and have needed a vet on occasion at the shore and I thank God that I found this veterinarian group.

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    • Nancy Hagemann

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    • Avon, NJ

  • SGAH is one of the best animal hospitals  in the state of New Jersey. Wag On Inn Rescue Group has many of its animals cared for by this well- known institution. The loving, kind staff, as well as excellent and up to date care given to the dogs and cats can not be topped. Wag On Inn Rescue Group recommends Sea Girt Animal Hospital highly and without reservations.

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    • Wag On Inn Rescue Group

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Stay informed of the latest news, trends and information on your pet's care. Learn from pioneers in veterinarian medicine and always ensure your pet is receiving the best attention available!

Leptosporosis is an infectious disease of dogs that can cause acute kidney failure. Some may recover after prolonged intensive care in the hospital, while others may not survive or survive with permanent kidney damage. Lepto can also cause liver damage, eye disease, respiratory disease, vasculitis, and bleeding disorders. Lepto is also a zoonotic disease, which means family members and other family pets are at risk for infection.

Having 3 USDA accredited veterinarians at Sea Girt Animal Hospital means we receive requests from clients seeking help in traveling internationally with their pet. It may seem like a simple request, but depending on the destination, the requirements can prohibit pet travel unless enough time is allotted to fulfill these requirements. The realization that destinations such as Hawaii, England, New Zealand, and Australia require at least 6 months of preparation takes pet owners by surprise. The reason for this is that they are rabies (as well as other diseases) free, and their sole purpose is to make certain that pets arriving on their soil are disease free as well.

With the summer weather, comes a wealth of opportunities to participate in outdoor activities for dogs and our other beloved pets. And we sure do love when the great weather permits us - pet owner and pet alike - to enjoy that outdoor fun. But with the summer season also comes some unwelcome guests, such as pesky blood-sucking and disease-infested parasites like fleas and ticks.

Pet health insurance is growing in popularity, but slowly in the U.S. It was first introduced about three decades ago but has not seen widespread usage here. Only about 2% of dog and cat owners in the U.S. have policies. Most of the policies are similar to auto or homeowners insurance. The company reimburses the pet owner for care following treatment for accident or illness. Look for plans that allow you to choose your own veterinarian. And read the fine print to determine the plan owner’s financial obligation, co-pays, deductibles and exclusions. Also be aware of the company’s reimbursement process. For example how the reimbursement is determined and how quickly is it provided?

Heartworm disease is a deadly illness that effects beloved dogs and cats every day. Knowing the facts about the disease can arm you to protect your dog and cat from this treatable condition. So let's dive right in. Here are 8 facts about heartworm disease every dog and car owner should know.

Choosing the perfect food for your pet is a question that baffles most pet owners. When considering what to feed, there is a plethora of opinions and choices that confront you. This is because, quite honestly, there is no pet food out there that is absolutely perfect for every pet.

I have been a veterinarian for forty one years and one common problem continues to be a daily challenge: helping pet owners recognize the benefits of good dental hygiene for their pets’ ongoing health and longevity. At Sea Girt Animal Hospital in Monmouth County NJ, we literally see dozens of cases every week of pets suffering directly or indirectly from the effects of dental disease.

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  • I became a client of Dr Marilyn Weber's when she began her practice at Sea Girt Animal hospital. I was always impressed by her knowledge and compassion. She guided me through many crisis with my pets throughout the years and for that I will always be grateful. In addition to Dr Weber, there was her staff. The front line people who answered the phone, consoled you when the news is bad, were genuinely happy for you when the news was good. When Dr Weber stopped seeing patients that positive atmosphere never changed. (although we all missed seeing her, the pets included) The same warm smiles greeted us as we signed in and the new Doctors were all world class. As the latest transition occurred, it was done professionally and with the patients well-being in mind. I am confident that my pets are in the best hands at Sea Girt Animal Hospital.

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    • Joanne McKenna-Ballack

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    • Wall, NJ

Sea Girt Animal Hospital Pharmacy

Sea Girt Animal Hospital

Sea Girt Animal Hospital is a premier animal hospital conveniently located at 2129 Route 35 in Sea Girt, New Jersey.

We have five wards, five exam rooms, 13 outdoor runs, two offices, large surgery and x-ray facilities, in addition to several treatment rooms and a fenced yard. We provide specialized care to dogs and cats, as well as rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and some reptiles for routine exams.